I want to take this opportunity to enlighten some people about what Communism is and what it isn't.  I typically do not write political posts but I just can't take the nonsense circling on the web these days.  I tend to write speculatively as it relates to scifi, so I will offer this one little tidbit.  Politically and economically, this world is headed toward the dystopian, capitalist, age of the "mega-corporation" quite rapidly.  And according to plan, I might add.  Corporations have been duping us into believing that Communism and Socialism are these monolithic threats to our liberties so that we will cleave to a deeply flawed, and quite out of control, "capitalist" system.  I use the parenthesis when I type capitalism because what we have in the United States is not capitalism.  It is Mercantile Totalitarianism.  I will come back to that in a bit.

         Let's start with what Communism is not.  Communism is NOT in existence today except in the pages of Bakunin and Marx books.  It doesn't exist.  Nor has it EVER existed.  Communist philosophy was predicated upon the cooperation of its participants, and the moment the USSR began forced collectivization and relocation (which was almost immediately) they stopped being a Communist state.  The same goes for China.  In terms of the United States, Communism is not requiring people, legally, to have health insurance and then providing them with a host of avenues by which to acquire it (cheaply). That is not forced collectivization.  Communism is when people, philosophically and voluntarily, "share" what they have.  Oversimplified to be sure but if you want to know more, pick up a book.


          Socialism has been considered "Communism" lite.  It is manifested in every country in the world as tax revenue redistributed for public good.  Roads, power lines, police force, are all social services.  And by social services I mean anyone can avail themselves of these services.  The only thing separating the US from other nations is the degree of socialism present in the system.  The UK, France, Japan, and Canada all have full social healthcare.  They have elected to use tax revenue, the peoples' money, to provide health services to the entire population without exception.  Are farmers forced to provide the fruit of their agrarian enterprises to the state for a flat sum, without the benefit of market forces? No.  Are they forced to stand in long lines for loaves of bread or victory gin? No.  Are they free to profit from their work and creativity without interference from the State?  With little exception, yes.

         Corporations have taken advantage of the Cold Ware specter of "Communism", something that has never existed, and used it to make us feel as though we are becoming a Communist State.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Americans should begin to trust themselves more when it comes to surrendering their rights to the State.  We have become so concerned with minor, and necessary changes to the system such as healthcare that we have completely ignored other, larger threats to our way of life.  Giving our government access to data, erosion of civil liberties are just two of the more recent issues.  That is another example of tax revenue being used for a purpose.  Though it is unlike healthcare, Defense and Intelligence are implemented using tax payer dollars.  But those dollars are not going to social services.  And in truth, organizations like the NSA don't have to make their budgets public.  They don't really even have to explain what they are doing with the money.

       The USSR and China did not have Communist economies.  Actually there is no such thing, even conceptually.  They relied on what is known as a "Command Economy".  Which is pretty much what it sounds like.  Vendors and producers basically were given quotas that were set by the state, and the countries needs were determined by the state.  This was a horrendously inefficient way to run an economy.  It was susceptible to a lack of standardization and often times machine parts and other products were drastically over or under produced.  Capitalist economies while not terribly efficient either, are ideally forced to limit over or under production by market forces.  Over producing meant an too large an inventory which could force prices down.  Under production meant missed opportunities to profit, a marketeers worst nightmare.

      My point is, that there is no monolithic concept or even system of Communism.  If you point at a politician and even think the word then you are living in the past.  And you aren't even doing it because you believe it.  You are doing it because someone told you you should.



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