Who once played Dungeons and Dragons with Gary Gygax? Who was nominated twice for a Hugo and three times for a World Scifi and Fantasy Award?  Was the first writer to write a novel based on the worlds of Gygaxs' "Dungeons and Dragons"?  She was also a founding memeber of the Sword and Sorcerers Guild of America. The subject of this weeks' Free Reading did and was, and that isn't even the most interesting thing about Andre Norton.  Nor is it the most surprising.  Andre Norton was actually born Alice Mary Norton in Cleveland Ohio in 1912.  She legally changed her name to Andre Norton in 1934 in order to appeal to the primary audience of her writing at the time, young males.  She was the first woman to be given the title of Grandmaster of Science Fiction by the World Science Fiction society.  Admittedly I did not know Andre Nortons' true identity until I was very much an adult.  I enjoyed many of her stories and novels growing up and was eventually surprised to learn this fact.  This week we are bringing you her story "Storm over Warlock", a story about a young human who must assume command of a terran survey team when an alien fleet attacks a planet they are currently surveying.  It has been called a Young Adult Scifi book by some but I feel that is mostly due to the "G" rated  writing style of the day.  Click on the link to download the Kindle version of the book.  Hope you enjoy!

Storm Over Swords Kindle version