"Foundation" Series by Isaac Asimov

It took us a while to get around to this one.  This weeks' Free Reading is a special treat.  One of the three greatest grandmasters of the Golden Age of hard Science Fiction is the subject of our post.  Isaac Asimov, though not as prolific as many we've covered so far, has no less, and likely quite a bit more, influence over modern Science Fiction.  His writings have inspired and spawned countless movies including "I, Robot" and "Bicentennial Man".  The "Three Laws" of Robotics were the product of his imagination, and he once was recognized by the SciFi community at large as having written the best short story ever ("Nightfall" September, 1941).  His "Foundation" series was not only his inaugural work but also the one he became most widely known for, publishing the last installment in 1992 shortly before his death.  In addition to many of the usual SciFi accolades, including an appointment to the Grand Mastery of SWFA, he was an accomplished Professor of Chemistry.  His story "The Endochronic Properties of Resublimated Thiotimoline" which was a spoof of advanced chemistry was published shortly before his doctoral defense and was actually the final question of those proceedings.  Initially he had asked John Campbell (Editor of Astounding) to use a pseudonym for the story, fearing his colleagues might think he was mocking them.  You'd have to be pretty smart to begin with in order to spoof advanced concepts of chemistry. 

Our treat for this month is, unfortunately, not a free e-book.  We love Asimov here, and we love books even more.  After a great deal of deliberating we decided that audiobooks qualify as books too.  We don't want anyone thinking we are brushing off the written word, but hey, it's Asimov!  We have provided a zip file with a dramatized reading of the "Foundation" series, as well as a link where you can listen online.  If you wish, you may also go to Spotify and search for "Isaac Asimov" and you will find it listed for free in that app.


The link for the complete audio files as well as the page where the whole story can be listened to via embedded audio player is here.
We have also added Asimov's short fiction piece entitled "Youth" here.