Flatlands: A Romance of Many Dimensions

by Edwin Abbott Abbott



We are back after an extended hiatus and happy to be providing you once again with our Free Reading segment of Fresh Pulp Magazine.  I read this one in a couple of hours on the flight back to the US from Osaka and I have to admit I found it quite refreshing.  "Flatlands" is a novella in which the main character attempts to describe the world in which he lives within the context of dimensions.  What is utterly unique about this is that once you begin reading you begin to genuinely see the lines between dimensions as a measurement vs otherworldly dimension begin to blur.  Since the story is so fantastic, at times it makes you wonder.  What is also of particular note is the academic prowess and repute of the author, Edwin Abbott Abbott.  He was a decorated scholar at a couple of the UK's top institutions of learning, and he more than backed up this prowess with publishings ranging from theology to mathematics.  Abbott even published a primer on Latin which was widely used in academia worldwide.  It is also important to note that "Flatlands" was published in 1884.  The language in the books completely affirms this fact, but if you can look past this you will be able to see a work of real originality and interest.  Despite the fact that it is not strictly a science fiction book (some refer to it as mathematical fiction whatever that is), given that mathematics is the cornerstone of science, I think we can make allowances.    Included are not only a link to download the book, but a link to download or stream a narrateed copy via MP3.

Click here to download for kindle: Flatlands

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