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Cover of Isaac Asimov's
Cover of Isaac Asimov's "Youth"

We've done a a Free Reading segment on Isaac Asimov before.  Some of you might recall we cheated by posting a link to a podcast narration of the entire "Foundation Series".  So we decided to cheat again (we aren't sure what it is about Asimov that brings this out in us), and we are going to provide you with a link to the original post if you care to know more about one of the more venerated and intelligent sci fi authors of any era in the genre.

Some of you may find "Youth" to be anachronistic.  I know I did.  It is written in a style and has the trappings of something might have read in "Boy's Life" or some Nancy Drew book.  It's about an astronomer and his son who go to visit an industrialist.  The astronomer asserts her has been in contac with aliens and need the industrialists help in establishing trade with them in order to help bring their world back from an atomic holocaust.  Meanwhile the son of the astronomer and the industrialist encounter a crashed alien spaceship and decide to take them captive.  The story does have a generic after school special feel to it, but it is one I have always  rather enjoyed.  I prefer to view it as more of a nostaligic feeling than an outdated one.  One of the things that might strike lovers of hard sci fi is the fact that there are plausible scientific concepts discussed in this work.  This is something severely lacking in a lot of modern sci fi. Some have contended that this stories flaw is the insistence on scientific integrity.  We disagree, but that is a topic for another post.  For now, please enjoy this free book, as well as the write up on Isaac Asimov.  Both of which are linked to below.

Youth by Isaac Asimov

Foundation Series Free Narrated Podcast