"Gravity's Angel" by Tom Maddox

Halo and Gravity's Angel cover
The covers of "Halo" and "Gravity's Angel" by Tom Maddox

We've been on a bit of a run on modern and Cyberpunk author's lately.  Our recent posts have included Rudy Rucker and Charles Stross.  We decided to continue this trend with another special treat; "Gravity's Angel" by Tom Maddox.  Maddox is a bit of an Easter Egg since only the deeply initiated really know who he is.  Some aspects of his career remain somewhat of a mystery to us.  I remember first hearing about Maddox when I was in university.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, I was perpetually in search of new Cyberpunk faire.  Having exhausted all of the available material at new and used bookstores, and also having recently discovered the internet I embarked upon a crusade to find more.  The web, at that time, was still in its fetal stages and most websites were bad.  Most of the markup was limited to text and pixelated images (oh the irony).  A fellow enthusiast mentioned Maddox to me and how his entire novel was available to read online.  A few brief searches and I was in business.  Keep in mind that Maddox' webiste was awful, and the formatting of his book "Halo" was equally terrible.  I spent hours sitting at my desk in front of my RGB monitor reading.  And honestly, it was worth it.  Maddox proved himself to be every bit as good as Gibson and Williams, among others.  I was mostly shocked that he didn't have a book deal of his own.  I revisited the site from time to time over the years and as the web matured I found it in different places.  I even found an excerpt only version of it a couple years back where you had to pay to read the rest.  It seemed absurd to me that he would try to profit from it after so many years, and I decided this was likely some jackass trying to make a few quick bucks off Maddox' name.  Also, as the web matured, there was slightly more information about him.  Apparently he and Gibson were writing partners, which, in retrospect, you can see the Gibsonian influence in his writing, or the Maddox-ian writing on GIbson.  They wrote two episodes of "The X Files" together, and Maddox has a story in the "MirrorShades" Cyberpunk anthology (which I new but it didn't click since I haven't read that book in ten years).  Maddox is sort of the Nikola Tesla of Cyberpunk (which is not to say Gibson or Williams is Edison), just that he is under appreciated for his contributions to the sub-genre. I would love to tell you about them myself but I think you should read and find out.  If you haven't read Maddox before you are in for a treat.  We think you will enjoy his work.  Link to "Gravity's Angel" and "Halo" below.


Gravity's Angel (mobi)

Halo (mobi)