United States Marine Corps: Science Fiction Futures

"Science Fiction Futures"

Everyone knows I am a Military SciFi fan.  Everyone knows.  Whether it's burned out ex-soldiers in a gritty cyberpunk yarn, or straight up tales of future fighting; everyone knows I can't resist.  Recently I stumbled upon a work of Military Sci-Fi that happens to have been written by members of our military.  Even better, the resulting anthology was made available for free!  The stories were the result of a one week workshop held at the Marine Corps facility in Quantico, Virginia.  The best of these stories were workshopped, edited, and published in the form I am about to share with you.  I found this experiment particularly interesting since these are the words of people who, by profession, are warfighters.  And while it is "Military" Fiction in the truest sense, the absence of any substantial knowledge of the genre is evident in some of the stories.  Despite this, there are at least two stories in the collection that are worth reading and we recommend that you do.  I found the title a little offputting.  "Futures" is sort of implied by "Science Fiction".  Given that sci-fi deals with what is theoretically possible yet has not yet happened. The lack of scifi nuance can easily be forgiven by the fantastic martial knowledge on display as well as the intriguing scenarios being imagined.  A similar effort was undertaken by The Atlantic Council two years ago that produced some amazing results which can still be found and downloaded here.  An interesting note: The workshop was led by Max Brooks of "World War Z" fame and the resulting collection was edited by him and Trina Marie Phillips.  We hope the United States Marine Corps will continue to sponsor projects like this, not only as entertainment but also for educational reasons.  I think it might even be a good idea to make some of their warfighters and historians available as a resource for writers of Military Sci-Fi.   

Science Fiction Futures (pdf)