Kurt Vonnegut is possibly one of the greates science fiction writers of all time.  I don't think or say this lightly.  But I have found myself over the years either reflecting or busting a gut laughing at something he has written.  His stories are sharp, smartly written, and often very edgy.  There is almost always a comedic downside or some dark humor.  One can only arrive at the conclusion that his early life experiences contributed a great deal to his point of view, and his writing by extension.  Most notably, Vonnegut served in the Army during World War II where he was subsequently captured during the Battle of the Bulge.  He was marched back to Dresden behind German lines where he was kept as a POW in a Slaughterhouse.  Later that year he witnessed the complete immolation of that city by Allied bombers.  To the day he died, Vonnegut asserted that particular campaign was utterly unnecessary.  His time in Germany as a prisoner appears in several of his stories in various incarnations as well as his beliefs as a pacifist, which undeniably grew from those experiences.


This story "2BR02B" is set in an idyllic (then future), quasi-Stepford style America where famine, disease, strife, class disparity, have all vanished.  By keeping the country in a controlled yet stable population size most ills that plague humanity have been eliminated.  However that population must be kept under control in order for this way of life to be maintained, at any cost.  For every child born, someone must die which presents a host of issues for the main character and others.  I am reminded of the famous exchange between the Comedian and Owl man in "The Watchmen":

Owl man:"What happened to the American dream!?"
The Comedian: "Are you kidding?  It came true."

This is a short story and a quick read.  You may click here to get your free Kindle copy of the text. Enjoy!

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