This weeks Free Reading is going to be a bit brief, mainly because the subject of this post is Ray Bradbury.  Bradbury who, despite denying his status as a science fiction writer, is best known as a master of that genre.  Oddly his career began when, after being rejected repeatedly by pulp science fiction magazines (most notably "Weird Tales"), decided to try his hand and submitting fiction to magazines.  He was discovered by, then editorial assistant, Truman Capote and has worked as a writer ever since.  His career has spanned more than 70 years and he has written several novels including "Something Wicked This Way Comes", and "The Illustrated Man", as well as countless short stories, tv shows and plays.  My personal favorite was "The Martian Chronicles", which despite the absurd notion of the existence of actual Martians, I found myself haunted by the words and concepts of that particular work.  Below are a few quarterlies Bradbury had taken to writing and editing between 1939 and 1940.  They can be downloaded for free and uploaded directly to your Kindle and we hope you enjoy them.  Please take time to enjoy the youtube videos we have posted belowe as well.  One is a short documentary about Bradbury from 1963.  I happened to know that it was an inspiring element in our editor-in-chiefs' own aspirations.  The second video is the recently released trailer of the film "Mars" starring Matt Damon.  We felt it was appropriate considering the subject of this post.


Futuria Fantasia: Winter 1940

Futuria Fantasia: Spring 1940

Futuria Fantasia: Fall 1939

Futuria Fantasia: Summer 1939