Wednesday, 26 February 2020

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Submissions for Fresh Pulp Magazine are currently closed.  Please check back periodically for announcements of when submissions will re-open.  Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of these developments as well.

"Humans are not terribly interesting.  They are only made so by their proximity to science and discovery."

We love compelling characters and stories.  We also like compelling and thoughtful science.  We want Science Fiction that is rooted in fact.  Most of the people who submit to us are not scientists or technologists.  So the science doesn't have to be completely accurate.  We want stories where people explore what may be possible based on what we already know to be possible.  As an example, propulsion is one of those concepts that is always hotly debated in the science hobbyist communities and science fiction communities.  There are several methods of theoretical propulsion being studied at the moment.  A story that involves one of these systems with the concept built out for use in the future.  We don't need a white paper explaining how civilization arrived at this point, but it could be intriguing to see how the author imagined current scientific limitations were overcome to create an effective propulsion system.

We reject the idea that character development and scientific exposition are mutually exclusive.  We embrace the idea that characters should be developed in relationship to the concepts being discussed.  How does the crisis or discovery at hand impact the main character?  How does it impact or change the civilization from which the character derives?  How does the character's reaction to these concepts drive the concept and the story?  How does the character's evolution impact the concept?

We do accept SOME Fantasy stories but our primary objective is to explore literary Science Fiction.  Preference will be given to the latter.

What we want:

Stories about interesting science and technological concepts and people.
Rigorously researched concepts
Interaction between characters and concepts that explore the mutual impact of humanity and science on one another.

What we don't want:
Fan Fiction
Science as merely a backdrop
Stories where the science is in no way explained.
Sword and Sorcery
Magical Realism
Abbas Phone Home stories