The Two Johns review Martha Wells' "Rogue Protocol" from the Murderbot series. They also discuss rapid-fire publishing and the impact of self-publishing on the Science Fiction market.

This week the Two Johns discuss their favorite science fiction shorts from the scifi streaming channel "Dust".

The Two Johns review "An Ocean of Minutes" by Thea Lim. And they talk briefly about Turkey City Lexicon and the "Abbess Phone Home" trope.

The Two Johns review "All Systems Red" by Martha Wells. The science roundup includes the return of "Omoumumua" and they discuss SyFy and "The Expanse"

In this weeks' podcast We review the film "Hotel Artemis", reveal the loot crate, and John Austin has a special announcement for the listening public!

The Two Johns do a review of "Han Solo: A Star Wars Story", "The Expanse", and Westworld and John Austin rolls out his proof of concept for the Cry4 Protein story.

This episode The Two Johns talk about "Lost in Space", and the science roundup includes Cry4 protein in birds, self-aware ants, and finally an answer from on the habitability of tidally locked planets.

The Two John's give a detailed review and have an in-depth discussion about the science fiction novel "Sisyphean". A book originally published in Japanese to great acclaim and translated into English by Daniel Huddleston.

The Two Johns' Review the 2018 Nebula Short Format Award Nominees.

This episode "The Two Johns" discuss Curating your SF collection, "Annihilation", Science Facts roundup, including Proxima B, Oumouma, and Trappist.

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