The Two Johns review Martha Wells' "Rogue Protocol" from the Murderbot series. They also discuss rapid-fire publishing and the impact of self-publishing on the Science Fiction market.

The Two John's review "Thousand Year Beach" by Tobi Hirotaka and have a brief discussion about the impact of self-publishing on Science Fiction.

The Two Johns review "Head On" by John Scalzi, the HBO adaptation of "Fahrenheit 451", and they discuss the evolution of Dragonflies during the Science roundup.

The Two John's give a detailed review and have an in-depth discussion about the science fiction novel "Sisyphean". A book originally published in Japanese to great acclaim and translated into English by Daniel Huddleston.

This episode The Two Johns discuss "Infinity Chamber, "The Cloverfield Paradox", and "Altered Carbon". They also review the book "Punishment" by Scott Holliday.