"Statues" by Blue States

"Statues" by Blue States

Science fiction and fantasy has close relationship with the music these genres have inspired. Imaginative concepts are the common point which relate the two mediums.

Blue States is an Electronic English music band that began recording in 1997 and released their first album” Nothing changes Under the Sun” in 2000. Their second album “Man Mountain” released in 2002. A track from this Album, "Season Song" was featured on the soundtrack to the British horror film 28 Days Later. “The sounding”, “First step in to…” and “Sum of the Parts” released in 2004 ,2007 And 2009.  After nine years, a four track EP with the title track “Statues” composed by Andy Dragazis and vocals done by Mayasa, was recently released.Generally, it is not easy to discuss the structure of Electronic music.  Not every song can be put neatly into a genre, others don’t even belong to a specified genre, while others borrow their influences from multiple genres like House, Techno, Trance, Down Tempo, Break Beat, Bass, Hard core and…

“Statues” is another inspiring music Album by “Blue states” that I recommend to science fiction writers and readers. The first noticeable point in this Album is the name of the music tracks which seems to have been carefully selected. All four songs of “Statues” can be classified in Down Tempo Genre. The first and third songs accompanied with vocals. Down Tempo is a general term for all of the slower and relaxer of electronic music, comes up with sub-genres; Ambient, Chill out, Down beat, Chill step, Chill Hop…

The first song “Statues” which starts with vocal and mid-tempo, mellow melody   sounds more like a Chill Step; a combination of dub-step beats with chill-out. In “Curvatures” by gradually slowing the tempo, it  gets close to being Ambient.  In “Lightning tales” the tempo is a bit faster and again accompanied beautifully with crystalline vocals. This song sounds like down-beat sub-genre, it has a beat but also includes some ambient elements. If the whole album is considered a narrative (I think we can assume), may be it would have been better to replace the first song with second, and start the Narration with the pure music track.

The end of the story sounds like an ambient Acousmatic. My favorite track “Twitten” although it is the last track of the album, in my view it sounds more like a electro- acoustic music that evokes a sense of flourishing prosperity than an ending.  As with most of the music produced by Blue States, they are consistent in conveying the sense of hopeful sadness that their listeners have come to love about them.  They push this dichotomy without taking a hit to their creativity producing vibes that evoke certain emotions without sacrificing originality.

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Author: Maryam Dolatifard
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