Sunday, 17 November 2019
Red Mihrab

Red Mihrab (1)

The grav drive formed a concave disc that tugged at her.  She wanted to vomit. 
It began emitting an electrical buzzing noise that started slow and meandering like a small insect flying in and out of her audible range.  The tugging gained a rhythm and a pulsing.  There was a simultaneous pushing and pulling and the very air around her seemed to organize itself in strange ways. The ship had another localized Hulse field generator, designed to counteract the inertia of being pulled through space by the ship’s propulsion.  The two systems were synchronized but the infinitesimal gap between the ship's acceleration and the cabins compensation created the unpleasant tugging sensation. Once they were at 1g acceleration, the tugging became less pronounced but Ratama was already anxious when she boarded.