Sound Tehran Music Festival pt 2:

A few thoughts on "Bricolage" from Nader Masayekhi (English)

Nader Mashayekhi
"Bricolage in music is an assemblage of elements that don't appear to fit together."

Mr Nader Mashayekhi’s Speech in “Tehran Sound Music” dedicated to mental/speculative mechanism of Bricolage. In his point of view, the process of Bricolage needs additional cognition. An Iranian, learns this additionalpart in dealing with the world around him from his childhood. Iranian children live with “accident” while this is not usual for European children. In his opinion, translation of “performance” to “Honar e Ejra” in Farsi, is fundamentally incorrect. They are not equivalent. In performance we separate something which belongs to an original text and put it in another context to recognize it and observe something new.

The audience interaction is one of the essential factors that shapes Performance Art. Performances and even Interactions have been common in Iranian Rituals and Theatrical traditions for a long time but gradually transformed into what is now happening in bricolage.

In Europe, looking forward, they obey the law of cause and effect. In western thought, essentially each effect has an cause. But Iranian thought about the future is contrary to the European notion; we call it bricolage. In fact we don’t have a pre-designated pattern but pattern and performance are happening simultaneously.

Bricolage in music is an assemblage of elements that don’t appear to fit together. But this music follows an order that is not necessarily causal. In other words, the origin and destination is transforming every moment.

Nader referred to Lyotard, a postmodern French philosopher, who said: “Universals are more important than specifying and explaining the details”.  This theory looks from the whole to the components. Fantasy and imagination is part of moving form from whole to components.

In fact bricolage is a tool and a system that moves from whole to components and forms a mental mechanism. In my opinion, the most important mechanisms of mind, the Iranian Mind/ thought is Bricolage.

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Author: Maryam Dolatifard
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