All of the content on this site is free.  This section is also FREE to enter.  We have made it mandatory to subscribe in order to access this content for a reason.  We have some ground rules regarding those people who have graciously decided to participate.  For this reason we reserve the right to revoke anyone’s access.  There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for rule violations.  The rules are outlined below:

1) No racism.
2) No misogyny, sexism, transphobia, homophobia.
3) No harassing behavior.  If a participant feels that you have overstepped the boundaries of professionalism and they call you on it, BACK OFF.
4) No hitting on participants or any other inappropriate behavior.
5) Participants can choose to work with you or not.  If they decline respect their wishes. They have no obligation to explain their reasons.
6) Participants set their own price.  It is acceptable to negotiate but do not attempt to drive the price down for the sake of it.  Be equitable and respectful.
7) Set clear completion dates and payment schedules.

For the experts:
1) 1-4 applies to you as well!
2) People wishing to retain your services may contact you to ask about your services.  It does not obligate them to hire you.  If they inform you that they have gone another way please do not engage in harassing behavior.
3) Be clear about your price and what the potential client should expect from you for the money they are paying.
4) Adhere to delivery schedules.  Though we do understand that things happen, in which case COMMUNICATE with your client.  Do not just ghost them.

Both parties:
1) If the client is dissatisfied and requests a refund then the client loses the right to use ANY of the work produced should the refund be granted.
2) Whether or not the experts grant a refund is not within our capacity or desire to influence.  However, if work remains incomplete at the scheduled time and a refund is requested we recommend granting one.  We do believe that some grace periods should be granted to avoid potential disputes.
3) We try to stay out of any disputes between clients and expertise, the necessary steps should be taken between the two parties to ensure an equitable outcome.  However, if we receive repeated complaints or notice a pattern of behavior we will ask the offending party to leave.
4) It may also be in both party’s interest to negotiate a pro rata refund in which a percentage of the money is refunded proportionally to the amount of work left unfinished.  In these cases the client would be entitled to the work completed up to that point.
5) Maintain a professional bearing with one another.  Even if you feel you are in the right, resorting to abusive language or harassing behavior will result in removal.
6) Try to negotiate an equitable outcome for any dispute before escalating.  Not all collaborations work out.  Parting amicably is not grounds for removal.  Parting acrimoniously might be.

Now that you’ve read this you can register to join here.  Good luck with your projects!