We are currently looking for editors to help us curate fiction and articles for the first print edition of Fresh Pulp Magazine.

East Asia

South Asia

Middle East

Africa (we are open to submissions from anywhere on the continent)

Central and South America

We are looking for Science Fiction stories, Culture and Pop Culture articles, and Science articles.  Stories would need to be submitted and articles would need to be pitched before being considered. Please read our submissions guidelines here.

We also have a “wish list” of things we would like to see.  They aren’t exactly spec pieces but a more specific idea of what we want.

Cyberpunk: We want to see Cyberpunk stories set in anyplace but North America and Europe. We want to see what people in Yangon, Rio, or Guadalajara imagine a dark near future would look like for their city. These are examples obviously. Developing nations are often overlooked when it comes to these perspectives.

Social Science: Ethnographic or Anthropological studies. It can be based on emerging cultural dynamics as a result of its interaction with science and technology on Earth. Or it can be a story centered on an alien species on a distant planet.