Our personal message to author’s considering submissions PLEASE READ:

Fresh Pulp Magazine’s primary objective is to tell the stories that get lost, silenced, or appropriated. Science Fiction has often been merely an allegory for much of what ails modern society. From racial issues to climate change, genre fiction has not been terribly effective at confronting many of the current realities. There are many authors who simply hesitate to write or submit a story because they feel it may be too incendiary or because it may put them at risk within their communities. We want to make it easier for authors to tell their stories because we want our readers to have access to stories informed by people who have lived them.

We want to publish YOUR stories, in our words. So we are setting up a protocol through which at-risk authors can tell their stories without exposing themselves to hazards from their communities, or their governments. We are committed to telling truth to power and we are committed to protecting artists and authors who do so as well.

Here are some measures we are committed to implementing. We are open to feedback regarding any additional steps that can be taken.

-Publish stories using an alias
-Anonymized systems of payment
– We are %100 committed to protecting the identities of authors.

Submissions are currently closed. We will resume consideration of submissions once our funding goals have been met.

What we’re looking for:

(Hardish) Science Fiction: We like stories whose underpinnings are firmly rooted in science, technology, or social science. We are not interested in stories that use these things as props or as a backdrop. Character development and science are not mutually exclusive. Our goal is to promote science fiction in which characters develop as a result of or in opposition to science and technology.  Unlike hard sci-fi we don’t require any of the concepts that are explored to be immediately provable.  We want people to use their imaginations and consider where science might be one day.

Science Fantasy: We’re ok with a bit of fantasy mixed in with our science. Science fantasy would be stories in which elements of it are not, in any way plausible, but have imaginative and original explanations, exists in a world built around solid futurism, or is resolved by some technological or scientific idea that is grounded in STEM.

Horror/Sci-fi: A combination of the above with the added element of horror.

Fantasy: We will consider some fantasy. However, it is important to know that there will be limited space for it in each issue. Preference will be given to the above categories first.

Fresh Pulp Magazine’s entire existence is dedicated to exploring a wide range of stories and voices in SF.  Often the interaction between science, technology, and our universe and Black, POC, LGBTQ, and Disabled people are overlooked. We especially want to challenge all of these groups to create their stories and share them with us so that we might challenge the reading public.

What we aren’t looking for:

Fan Fiction
Sword and Sorcery

Currently Looking for:
Submissions are not yet open. Please check back or follow us on twitter to be notified.

Submission format:
Please submit all pieces in Modern manuscript format.

Fresh Pulp Magazine is a cooperatively operated publisher. Everyone receives the same compensation and everyone receives an equal share in the proceeds from sales. We pay a base fee of $500 USD for each article and each story plus a share of sales from the issue in which your work appears for as long as the issue sells.

We do not “purchase” work. We license its use and like any other publisher we only license exclusively for a term after which, the licensing rights revert to the artist. And we are only interested in licensing original work that has not been previously published.