Mission Statement:  Our goal is to promote partnerships between Black STEM workers and Science Fiction writers.  Many STEM workers must work long hours for little or no pay to achieve the level of success they desire.  Many Science Fiction writers would like to add a level of authenticity and accuracy to their stories but find the research daunting or the subject matter unapproachable.  We have created this section of the site to create a solution to both issues.  We wish to support African Americans in STEM and promote STEM-based SciFi within the African American community.

However, the expertise available here will not be exclusively STEM.  Our initial goal was merely built out of a desire to promote it.  We gladly accept Social Sciences such as Anthropology and Sociology.  We also encourage historians to make themselves available as well as editors and illustrators.

Ultimately we will promote all people of color.  Though the primary objective will be to raise the visibility and awareness of African Americans in STEM and other fields.

A variety of roles could be available to anyone including:
Technical consultant
Source or content recommendations

How it works:
Those signing up to be content experts can simply email info@freshpulpmag.com.  List your name, your expertise, and the method of payment you prefer (venmo, cashapp, ko-fi).  Once you are approved you will be listed in the AATEDB where anyone who is a member may view and contact you.

For clients, you will navigate to the bottom of this page and click the “join” button to register.  Your admission will be pending our approval and shouldn’t take more than a day or two.  Once approved you will be free to view and contact the experts in their fields.  Please only contact people with serious inquiries and only at the time that you are prepared to offer work.  This reduces the potential time wasted on everyone’s part.  Please read the rules below.  Whether you choose to or not, you will be held to the standard outline within.



Thank you for joining us and good luck with your projects!

Price: Free!

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