Wish List

Welcome to the Fresh Pulp Wish list. Here I will list the books, films, and music that we will review for the site. In an effort to enlist your help in offsetting the costs we ask that you contribute any modest amount toward the purchase of one of these items. They are listed in order of preferred purchase/reading and publication date. You may gift one of the items outright or head on over to our patreon or ko-fi page and make a contribution. If you intend to gift one of these items please notify me by email and I will send a postal address where the item can be sent. EVERY item that is gifted or purchased will receive a review. Please feel free to make recommendations for books and music that we can add to the list. Not all recommendations will be used, but all are welcome. Thank you!

Black Sc-Fi Short Stories (Anthology)

It Gets Even Better: Stories of Queer Possibility

Arab and Muslim Science Fiction: Critical Essays (available for preorder)

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